Aligning Workplace Design and Communication – Series 3

Edition 3: The AV-Integrator Relationship

The relationship between architecture and design firms and their AV Integrator counterparts is vital to the successful execution of a business’ vision

Aligning Workplace Design and Communication – Series 2

Edition 2: AV in Modern Design

In order to make new tenancy spaces functional, audio-visual components and broader workplace technology considerations need to be made from the beginning. The consequences of engaging AV Integrators at the end of a design and fit out usually impact the aesthetics.

Working with CCF Victoria to make Mental Health a Priority

Programmed are proud to be a founding partner of the Civil Contractors Federations’ (CCF) Positive Plans – Positive Futures project….

From job seekers to career movers, what will employees prioritise in 2021?

Increased pay is emerging as the number one reason for changing careers or jobs in 2021, with almost half of…

How Caroline went from stilettos to steel caps, and Fuchsia to high-vis

Caroline Jervis Switched careers after 31 years in her role as a First-Class Qantas Cabin Crew member to Dump Truck Operator in the Pilbara for BHP.

The Future of Australian Schools

The education curriculum and classroom settings need to be completely transformed if Australian schools are to adequately prepare students for…

Facility Management Graduate Program Update

Graduate Program – Round Two 2020 saw the conclusion of our second intake of graduates for the Programmed Facility Management…

Setting schools up for learning excellence

As part of their role in the New Zealand Schools Public-Private Partnership, Programmed Facility Management has commenced its management in…

Building a career with a Programmed Apprenticeship

Programmed Facility Management would like to congratulate Liam O’Brien for completing his carpentry apprenticeship on Rottnest Island and becoming a…

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