5 Elements of Great Brand Signage

Quite often the cost of marketing your brand through signage is expensive; but the positive effect it can have on your business is so great that the investment is well worth it.  If you’re putting money into signage, consider these five key elements to maximise your investment. Covering aspects of design through to maintenance, they will help your signage make the leap from good to GREAT.

1) Good design – For great signage, invest and partner with a quality designer. This imperative forms a strong foundation for truly outstanding signage. A good designer experienced in signage understands that exceptional signage involves far more than simply transferring your brand from a digital design or printed layout onto a mounted surface. Rather they are able to marry sound knowledge of the technical aspects of signage with impactful design and a keen eye for detail to guide the entire signage process.

2) Right location – To have an impact, your signage first needs to be seen. Take vantage points and viewing angles into consideration when determining the right location for your sign. In most cases, your signage is what first attracts your customers and draws them in. Hence, placing your signs in the correct locations with unobstructed views is integral to the customer experience and journey. Set clear guidelines for good sign location but also consider specific site conditions able to elevate its effect.

3) Easy to read – This may sound obvious but having a legible, easily read sign is as crucial for great signage aesthetics. The impact of a sign is greatly augmented when an elementary aspect like adequate contrast between the sign and its background is accounted for. Add to this, simple but well-considered night-time illumination and you will quickly notice the difference in the quality, appeal and presentation of your brand.

4) Appropriate materials – All too often this is where brands are let down. In the squeeze to keep costs down, inferior materials are used. This is ‘false economy’—cheaper lower quality materials are more likely to break down and deteriorate in a comparatively shorter period. This leaves your brand looking shabby and of low quality; a less than desirable image. You see this every day where brands have chosen not to invest in quality signage. Aged, faded and deteriorated signage are a poor reflection of your brand. If you value your brand, invest in quality material.

5) Timely maintenance – The final element of great signage is frequently overlooked. Timely maintenance creates long term value by keeping your signage well-presented. This projects a level of appearance which directly correlates to your brand’s perceived image and quality. Prevent weather, dirt and dust from causing bright and shiny newly installed signs to lose their lustre over time, and by default, the image and quality of your brand. Prolong the appearance of your signage; keep them looking great with a maintenance programme.

Great signage can boost your brand and business, and good quality signage is quite likely to involve significant outlay. Without investing in these five elements, you may well be wasting a lot of time and money. Therefore, invest well. Go from good to great signage by incorporating these 5 elements of GREAT signage into your marketing strategy and see the value of your brand grow.

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