Australia’s recruitment industry continues to grow

Technological, political and economic trends in Australia’s recruitment industry.

The recruitment industry in Australia has seen its fair share of changes, which for the most part continue to reflect the evolving business and candidate markets.

SEEK employment trends show that Australia’s recruitment industry is experiencing a phase of steady growth, as employers invest in attracting and retaining top talent to their business against the backdrop of continued growth in job listings and a tightening labour market.

Here’s a snapshot of the technological, political and economic trends we’re seeing in recruitment that are directly impacting the way we engage with our customers, candidates and industry colleagues.

Rapid advances in technology

Today, almost every business is reliant on technology. Opportunities in the employment and recruitment market have been significantly affected by the rapid advances in technology, reducing the time and cost to hire, ability to reach a larger audience, therefore, increasing efficiency as well as increasing the overall scope of the industry’s capabilities.

In today’s society, it is important for recruitment companies to have access to the latest technologies and to ensure their databases have up-to-date information on applicants and customers. Programmed is keeping up with rising trends by building on its digital presence, actively engaging on digital platforms, as well as modernising their recruitment process with the recent launch of the Programmed Go App!

Government influence

The 2018 IBIS World report, shows that the recruitment industry has benefited greatly from government involvement such as the outsourcing of employment services to the private sector.

There is now a range of Australian Government incentives available to assist businesses to create a more diverse workforce, as well as implement workplace education and training.

In early 2017, Programmed announced that, with the support of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Andrew Forest, Founder of GenerationOne, our diversity plan set a target of placing into employment a further 5000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. With the continued support of the Government, Programmed’s Target 5000 sets a new benchmark for the private sector.

Additionally, with the support of the Australian Government funding and incentives, Programmed is proud to be nurturing the workforce of the future by delivering training services.

We currently oversee the recruitment, training and management of more than 1,500 trainees and apprentices, and more than 10,000 participants in training courses each year – making us Australia’s largest provider of trades and technical workforces.

Growing size of the labour force

Growth in the total number of people working or looking for work increases demand for employment placement and recruitment services. Industry demand grows as more people use unemployment services or switch jobs. These economic drivers are likely to support industry revenue and contribute to increased industry demand over the next five years through 2022-23.

When the economy is strong and unemployment is low, employers turn to employment placement services to help find suitable skilled and unskilled labour. That’s where Programmed comes in. Today, we directly employ more than 20,000 people across a broad range of industries to provide services for over 10,000 customers.


Programmed is a leading Staffing and Maintenance organisation, providing staffing, professional, technical, training and maintenance services across Australia and New Zealand with more than 20,000 employees supporting industry.

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