What assets should a school maintain?

The ability to maintain site presentation without undue financial pressure is both useful and beneficial, especially within the current environment. So, are there assets or aspects of a school which can get by without maintenance?

The reality is that nothing shouldn’t be maintained. When schools allow something to deteriorate, it ends up costing more. It’s just like servicing a car knowing that it’s going to prolong the life of its engine.

If schools are consistently servicing their buildings and grounds, they’re maintaining their facilities and mitigating the likelihood of costly replacements and repairs skulking in the background just waiting to pounce on them. These could see schools exhausting their funds trying to bring the school back up to par.

While it is important for all assets to be maintained, equally critical is the approach to ensuring their preservation and protection.

Maintenance should be tailored to address the needs of the asset and the requirements or objectives of the school.  A preventative, rather than reactive approach, is more cost-effective in the long run.

School maintenance professionals who understand that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach provide important value.

Their counsel and expertise in customising the manner in which assets are to be maintained – taking into consideration the assets’ age, condition and utilisation, for example – help schools optimise maintenance spend.

This in turn makes maintenance affordable and sustainable; enabling the school to present itself in the best way it possibly can, and in a financially responsible way.

Would you like to get the right amount of dollar spend to get your school presented in the best way? Speak to Programmed, your experts in school maintenance today.


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