A rewarding career as a community registered nurse

Watching the client’s face light up and helping older Australian’s remain independent in their homes are just two of the most rewarding parts of Michelle Baldwin’s role as a Community Registered Nurse with Programmed Care.

Starting her day at 8am and visiting clients throughout Greater Melbourne, Michelle spends much of her day assisting clients with medication management, showering, wound care and catheter management.

Michelle was drawn to a career in home care as she loves the understanding you can gain about the client’s life and support needs by seeing them in their own environment. Beginning work for Programmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, she is incredibly grateful that even with the introduction of further restrictions in Victoria, she is able to continue supporting our most vulnerable community through such challenging times.

There have been a number of personal and professional changes for Michelle during the pandemic. The most notable being how much more aware she is of her surroundings, ensuring there aren’t too many people around and the increased focus on infection control within the community.

To maintain the safety and wellbeing of our clients and their loved ones, Programmed Care have introduced several precautionary measures designed to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. All staff working with Aged Care clients are required phone ahead of any visit to check the client is feeling OK and has not been in contact with a suspected or known case of COVID-19 and to travel with a COVID Companion pack, containing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

To maintain service for any clients with symptoms or those that are awaiting testing or results, the visiting staff member will don the appropriate PPE prior to entering the premises.

As a result of the pandemic, Michelle is hopeful people will continue to be more aware of infection control and practicing good hygiene techniques such as hand sanitising and sneezing into the elbow.

Once restrictions have lifted, Michelle is most looking forward to meeting her family at the local café for breakfast and looks forward to traveling interstate and eventually overseas to mark off some bucket list hikes!

Today, as part of Aged Care Employee Day, we celebrate Michelle and the 365,000 other passionate and professional individuals, who dedicate their careers to caring for and supporting over 1.3 million older Australians.

If you or a loved one is in need of care, contact the Programmed Care team today on:

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