A stunning new artwork commissioned for Programmed

‘Untitled’ Acrylic and oil on canvas

Western Australian Aboriginal artist Rohin Kickett has designed a beautiful artwork just for Programmed!

About the artwork

The aerial landscape reimagines the map of Australia using earthy tones, dot-painted cities and communities and contrasts this with stunning blue and green waterways. The canvas will hang in pride of place at our Burswood office. It’s the first time Programmed has engaged an Aboriginal artist to create an artwork for us. The abstract artwork was commissioned to reflect Programmed’s past and its vision to engage, understand and create respectful relationships with Australia’s first people.

Importantly, it allows us to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and live every day and to reflect and respect their ongoing care for, and sustainability of, this Land.
As Kelly Beckman, First Nations Engagement Manager explains, “We wanted the artwork to sit alongside the Programmed name to inspire us all to grow current relationships while being open to new ones.

”Over time, we hope that our story will become a connected one of respect and equity–carrying the very
essence and spirit of all Australia’s people.”

While the artwork will grace the walls of our Burswood office in Western Australia, there are lots of ways we can celebrate this artwork and the rich heritage of First Nations culture. Excitingly, you’ll be able to see this artwork around Programmed on many company documents including the Reconciliation Action Plan*.

We’ll share details of how you can use the artwork and news of how and when we’ll celebrate the unveiling of the artwork in 2022. This art project ties in with other Programmed initiatives to create meaningful and impactful relationships with Australia’s first people, some of these are:

  • Multiple employment pathway opportunities including traineeships
  • Commercial partnerships with First Nations businesses
  • Cultural awareness training
  • *A Reconciliation Action Plan – due to launch in late 2022

Hearing from our leaders

Lynette Graham, National Social Inclusion Manager, says, “As an Aboriginal woman, I feel proud that a company like Programmed is leading the way in acknowledging First Nation’s people and partnering with us in the journey of sharing our culture in the communities where we live and work.”

Kelly Beckman shares this sentiment: “We hope this artwork is something you can engage with
and be proud of, regardless of your heritage. May it empower you as a Programmed employee to
recognise that while we have already accomplished so much, there is so much more we can achieve hand in hand with our First Nations People.”

About the artist

Rohin Kickett is a Noongar artist from the Balardong region, located in Western Australia wheat belt district. Rohin creates works of art inspired by his family stories of strength and survival, along with his
own personal experiences growing up in Perth.

Rohin’s first career was as a boilermaker before switching to art. During his time as a Tradie, he was often asked about his people’s stories and history but his answers were met with disbelief because of the lack of understanding of Aboriginal culture.

Rohin creates his art using both contemporary and traditional art techniques. You may be surprised to
learn that the Programmed commissioned artwork draws on both. Rohin used drone photography to
capture an aerial view of the land which he later painted.

You can watch a time-lapse video of Rohin painting the artwork at:

Rohin at work

Other innovative ways Rohin creates art is by applying paint with a concrete trowel and even using a rifle to shoot paint-filled water balloons to create abstract art pieces. Whichever way Rohin expresses himself through his art, his work is all about finding ways he can share stories and culture.

Rohin’s award-winning work has been exhibited in galleries around Australia, he currently sits on the board of the National Association for the Visual Arts and is a strong advocate for Aboriginal artists.

Rohin explains his artwork

Rohin Kickett answered Programmed’s call to create a unique Aboriginal artwork. Before accepting the commission, Rohin wanted to understand the type of work Programmed did to see whether his talents would align with our company’s vision.

Thankfully, Rohin was pleased to learn about our First Nations programs and felt this project was aligned with his values.

While we can appreciate the forms and colours of Rohin’s work by looking at it, understanding what the art represents gives us a deeper appreciation of this work and Rohin’s Aboriginal cultural heritage. From the outset, the artwork is a reflection of the reach and relationships formed between Programmed and Aboriginal communities around the country.

Rohin reimagines Australia by placing Australian capital cities in new locations and then adding the location of Programmed sites which are represented in the company colours using big dot circles.
The small dot circles represent all the different communities around Australia, and the little dots in-between represent the community reach and relationships that Programmed has formed with Aboriginal communities.

Here Rohin explains how he has laid out his composition. “For the composition of the artwork, I’ve taken images from maps of every capital city and looked at what parts of the area I want to incorporate into the artwork, the top left corner is from the inlet in Darwin, the river mouth from Sydney Harbour, the big belly of the river is from the Swan River Perth, which turns into the Murray River, Victoria and in the bottom right you will see Lake Burley Griffin.”


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