Aligning Workplace Design and Communication – Series 2

Edition 2: AV in Modern Design

In order to make new tenancy spaces functional, audio-visual components and broader workplace technology considerations need to be made from the beginning. The consequences of engaging AV Integrators at the end of a design and fit out usually impact the aesthetics. To mitigate this, Programmed Electrical Technologies considers:

Early Consultation

  • We leverage early engagement to ensure the chosen equipment is discreetly installed
  • We have experience in engineering AV designs that are appropriate for the size and structure of your space

Acoustics and Aesthetics

  • Our consultants consider natural light, acoustics and space to deliver fit-for-purpose AV designs; these factors affect a user’s ability to present, share and collaborate effectively and professionally
  • We are the experts between design and functionality (i.e. what equipment needs to be considered in a space that is made entirely of timber).


  • Programmed’s early consultation with architects allows them to design a space without having to consider communication functionality and implement modern functional design

Means Testing

  • Our technicians implement means testing into the project so there is harmony between video conferencing technology and design; this assists in mitigating future issues before they arise

Compromises between Design and Budget

  • From our experience, we understand the concessions that need to be made when budget constraints or obstacles in design are encountered.
  • We consult with customers to reach a solution that balances budget with their ultimate objectives

Upholding the Customer Vision

  • Programmed remains agnostic in our engagements with manufacturers and vendors; whilst we have strong relationships across a vast network, they are not exclusive, and we always seek the best solutions for our customers’ unique environments

It’s important that businesses and architects engage AV Integrators that will work closely with them throughout the project to make sure equipment is discreet enough to complement the design and not detract from the look and feel of the space, whilst being functional.

Critical success factors for modern workplace technology

Programmed Electrical Technologies is a reliable and trusted consultant from project inception, right through to user acceptance testing. We take accountability for the functionality of the space, and how successfully it supports the business’ communications culture and space utilisation.

The following key considerations need to be made for modern installation and integration to be successful:

  • Engagement – When engaged from the outset, AV Integrators make a concerted effort to ensure the solutions we provide match the client’s workflow and provide the functionality they need. This includes the technology, the right mix of meeting rooms and the utilisation of each space
  • Touchless design – More than ever, health and wellbeing is at the forefront of employer’s minds. There is increasing demand for people to be able to walk into a space or meeting room and have the ability to instantly present or collaborate without interacting with shared devices
  • Stakeholder management – AV Integrators have an obligation to understand the expectation of the client better than anyone else. Having visibility of all possibilities for the space places the AV integrator in a strong position to ask the right questions of stakeholders, and to interpret the information back as real world scenarios and outcomes for designers and clients.


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