Aligning Workplace Design and Communication

Edition 1: Changes to traditional Work Environments

Programmed Electrical Technologies is engaged and consultative with our enterprise business customers as they navigate the aftermath of Covid-19, and work to provide a safe and welcoming place for returning employees.

Part of enhancing the employee experience is creating a safe and engaging environment where communication is easy, technology remains agile, configurations are versatile and general aesthetics provide a workplace where people actually want to be.

At some level, every business and workplace has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, safety and general wellbeing is at the forefront of employer’s minds when they’re considering tenancies and physical work environments.

De-densification in the workplace is becoming common practice. We’ve had to adapt to working from anywhere regardless of location, whilst also creating workspaces that strike a balance between appropriate distancing and effective collaboration. Designing these new spaces means the workplace technology, communication culture and physical surrounds need to complement each other.

Our expectation is that once companies have fully embraced a hybrid working model where employees work from the office and at home, this idea of creating more physical space around employees’ work stations and introducing touchless environments in a broader sense, will become common practice.

Greater focus employee experience

Where possible, employers are trying to accommodate remote working into their workplace culture; the key to making this shift a success has been the ability to reflect the same communication culture in remote working arrangements so employees are empowered to execute their roles without these obstacles. In Programmed’s experience, successful transitions tend to include one or both of the following;

  • The extent to which the experience gap between remote work and working in the office been narrowed, and;
  • The behavioural shift toward disciplined and engaging video meeting culture that promote outcomes more akin to face to face interaction.

Enterprise businesses are leveraging their agility in this space to attract and retain the right people for their business. Part of their strategies include creating beautiful workspaces that are both safe and attractive. They engage likeminded architects who work within world’s best practice methodologies and are familiar with the latest design trends for safe and collaborative workspaces.

Businesses know that the tenancy and how it is designed is a reflection of the company, its people, their goals and how they best work.


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