Asset Management delivers to Southern Queensland Correctional Centre

The PFM contract team at Southern Queensland Correctional Centre (SQCC) continue to deliver value to Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) by embedding the PFM Asset Management System into daily operations.   

With an Asset Maturity Assessment last completed at SQCC in 2017, the Asset Management Excellence Assessment provided assurance that the team are successfully applying the PFM AMS framework, and gave them an understanding of how well they are meeting the requirements of International Asset Management Standard ISO55001.

 “We can get very busy in the granular operational detail of responding to the client’s requirements,” says Chris Schafer, Contract Manager, SQCC. “It is important to sometimes take a step back and reflect on the strategic and tactical application of the PFM AMS processes.”

SQCC received support from the Strategic Asset Management team to update its Asset Management Plan.  “The update gave greater alignment to PFM AMS, ISO55001 and provided a more meaningful ‘Whole of Life’ connection to how asset management is carried out,says Chris.

“The continual improvement in how PFM’s Service Delivery Plans communicate the effective execution of services onsite.”

Queensland Correctional Centre

The PFM team at SQCC understand the value in the Lifecycle modeling tool available to them. The current model is a live tool enabling Asset Manager Andrew Esparon (LF) to forecast asset Life.

Closely linked to the Asset Management Plan and Asset Lifecycle plan, the model enables the PFM team to ensure they are achieving the client’s desired level of service and other operational objectives with financial optimisation in mind. “We really took the time to understand the tool and its application,” says Chris. “The hard work upfront provided a great platform to make strategic decisions and deliver our most accurate Asset Management Plan to date.”

In the Wider scope of work by PFM in Queensland, the learnings and good practices embedded at SQCC have been applied to recent new works such as Destination Brisbane Consortium (DBC) and WeWork.

“I’m really pleased with the QLD team holistically benefiting from applying PFM AMS Systems and Processes,” Says Robert Coe, PFM, General Manager Queensland. “We are able to optimize our mobilisation and delivery of Asset Management Services as part of the FM Service delivery model”.


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