Bottom Line Branding: How Your Corporate Image Affects Your Earnings

Your corporate image is the sum total of the messages, interactions and experiences customers have with your product, services and people. To your customers, your corporate image reflects a promise of an experience. It should be considered a valuable asset to be nurtured – one that essentially affects your bottom line.

by Sean O’Leary
National Business Development Manager, Programmed Property Services

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The power of presentation
The presentation of your corporate image through brand assets and marketing collateral primes your customers’ behaviour and levels of expectation. The higher quality presentation of your image imparts a higher expectation of quality in the service and product value in the mind of your customer.

Customers relate to and buy from brands that reflect their own desired self-image. They want to see your brand as a reflection of themselves. The power of presentation communicates this image.

The investment of marketers in corporate image assets reflects directly to the attraction of customers. Done well, customers are attracted through the door, leading them to spend money. Therefore, your corporate image attractiveness directly impacts your revenue and earnings.

How attractive is your image?
If earnings are important to your business then you should consider how attractive is your current corporate image presentation.

Take a look in the mirror through the eyes of your customer. Does your brand present well? What does your appearance communicate to your customer? High value, trust, and confidence? Or, low quality, low value, and shabby service?

Positioning through appearance
From a marketing perspective, think of it in terms of positioning. Is the current appearance of your brand and corporate image position you in the right frame in the mind of your customer.

If not, you need to consider a corporate image makeover, refresh, or just some regular grooming.

How do you improve your image?
For this, you should invest in a partnership with a corporate image custodian. A specialist in implementing, managing and maintaining your corporate image.

Remember, it is an investment in attraction. Attracting customers which directly affects your earnings.


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