Look No Further: Programmed’s Signage Solutions

Make a strong first impression with a logo that is unique to you. When you’re looking for corporate office signage,…

Where to next? Simplifying wayfinding for hospitals

There’s nothing easy about a hospital visit. A visit can be made all the more stressful by losing your way…

Safety First for Hawthorn West PS

Programmed had to remove a much-loved icon at the Hawthorn West Primary School. While undertaking an inspection as part of…

Moving with care and empathy

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. Programmed took on the challenge when a tenant needed help.

Custom aluminium signs – A great option for outdoor or indoor signage

If you are looking for custom aluminium signs, Programmed’s eCORE Signage Systems can be installed in both indoor and outdoor…

Cadets, where are they now – Christina

We caught up with Christina, who started out as a cadet in our Water Network area. Christina has since gained knowledge on permit planning for a site.

Cadets, where are they now – Chris

Chris is at our customer, City West Water, where he started his cadetship. He is now an apprentice. We caught up with Chris to get the story.

Gardening Therapy to Counter Lockdown Blues

Gardening can do wonders for our mental health and well-being, especially if it gets us outdoors for a few hours every week.

Maintenance in COVID-19: What’s changed and what’s not

While COVID-19 has transformed many aspects of life, business and the operating environment, it is encouraging to note that amidst…

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