Effective Graffiti Removal for Buildings and Signage

The best defence is a great offence. Specialist protective coatings protect your buildings and signage from damage by natural elements and graffiti. Simultaneously, they enable these to withstand cleaning processes for prolonged lifespans. But that’s not all. These benefits yield important follow-on cost savings, and are convincing reasons to make specialist protective coatings fundamental to asset protection, rather than optional.

Well-maintained signage and painted surfaces deter vandalism. While we cannot completely rely on these to stop graffitists, we can minimise long term damage and reduce potential for repeated occurrences.

Particularly on signage, graffiti must be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. Reason being signage is highly visible and often sited in a property’s most prominent location. Vandalised signage has a significantly negative effect on overall presentation and branding.


The most effective method of graffiti removal for your building or signage is to do so quickly and efficiently. Delays, particularly in high visibility areas, make vandalised surfaces more desirable targets, increasing the risk for potential future, more frequent, attacks. Also, as acrylic based paints harden with time, vandalism paint becomes increasingly difficult to remove. Add to this multiple layers as more and more graffiti is applied when owners are slow to take action, and the negative effects are compounded. So, always action graffiti removal as soon as possible.

In addition to prompt removal, ensure you combine quality equipment and material with proper application to remove vandalism with as little damage possible. This includes using industrial cleaning products and high pressure washing.

However, the best defence is a great offence. Ensuring specialist protective coatings are applied when painting your building or as a finish to your signage acts like an insurance in the event of graffiti. It enables quick, efficient removal and protects against substrate depletion that may occur as part of the cleaning process. Since specialist protective coatings also protect against surface erosion as part of the removal process they also decrease the need for more frequent repaints and maintenance.

These go a long way in helping to maintain the quality and material of both your building and signage, staving off the need for full repaints or replacement, and saving you money in the long run.

For help in maintaining your building and signage, speak to Programmed. We also have people ready to assist with advice on specialist protective coatings to help shield your assets against graffiti and weather.

  1. Any removal needs a good sweeping service.Sometimes it may happen that you are not well equipped with the industrial washing materials and for that, you hire professional sweeping services.They are well equipped with the modern mechanism and by using of industrial cleaning products and high-pressure washing they remove all the vandalism.

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