Employee in Focus: Peter Tozer at Programmed Electrical Technologies

At Programmed Electrical Technologies, we’re proud of the history we share with likeminded customers, Government bodies and agencies that form a huge part of the business we are today.

In May 2021, we were reminded of our origins by one of our longest standing, highly valued team members, Peter Tozer. After reflecting on his days as a first year apprentice, Peter kindly reminded our teams of our humble origins, 30 years ago.

“Morning all

I was about to lock myself away on the DRN to catch up on a lot of security stuff that has been on hold pending IT downloading CITRIX Viewer when I received a phone call.

The caller opened the conversation with “Happy Anniversary”. It was Ray Doak, the principal of what we became to know as Allied.

30 years ago yesterday the company Allied Systems Electrical and Electronic Services was registered and I commenced with ASEES on the 10 of May as the 1st employee. I was a mature (very mature) 1st year apprentice and joined the crew in Ray’s garage in suburban Holt. The crew consisted of Ray, Ross McDonald, Peter Lutz and a silent partner. Mr Mark Beggs esq, Richard “The Pom” Francis and Larry “Fruit Bat” Newton joined us not long after. It was an exciting time as we had received the 1st purchase order to install a power factor correction unit at the bus depot in Belconnen Town Centre. And so job number J0001 was born. Mr Beggs went on to start the 1st branch office in Brisbane. Larry was from Townsville and it followed that eventually he would return to home base and start the Townsville branch. We just grew from there. The Pom has recently returned to the fold in the Brisbane office. Welcome back Pom.

ASEES transformed to Allied Technologies Group (ATG) and we moved from the garage to a small office in suburban Kippax, then to a flash new office in Mitchell before expanding. We also changed from ATG to Allied Technologies Australia to more accurately reflect our coverage across the nation. As we outgrew the smaller office in Mitchell we moved to much bigger accommodation also in Mitchell

Allied was purchased by the KLM Group but we retained our identity trading as Allied. The name was so well known and respected in the Defence and Government world that it would have been very unwise to change. Even when bought out by Programmed we retained the Allied name. We referred to ourselves as the BIG A.

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since that day in 1991 and the company has moved on and I believe still leads the race in the Defence and Government world. I still find that when meeting new people if I mention Allied trading as Programmed there is an immediate trust between us.

I could write a book on the stories that have arisen over the years but the DRN is calling and I must get on with it. Nostalgia will have to wait for another day.

I feel old…..”

  1. Peter,

    You are one of the wisest people I have come across in my career and working closely with you over the last four years has been an absolute honour.

    Your knowledge and intellect when it comes to Electrical/Communications cabling and standards, and more specifically the Defence and Government Industry is second to none.

    You have no doubt made me a better person both personally and professionally and I truly hope you can enjoy your retirement, whenever that may be 🙂

    Keep up the hard work for Programmed and remember, every little thing you do, contributes to Programmed’s success!


    (P.s. The trout are calling…)

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