FM Spotlight – Chris Doughty

On Saturday 1st of February, programmed received a service request for Sandringham PS because of a fire at the school. Having worked on the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) contract since it went live nine months ago, Chris Doughty leapt into action and spent the weekend working closely with the VSBA and our vendors to ensure we had the right people onsite.

“The challenge was engaging contractors on short notice, as many of them were already working on projects where they couldn’t leave,” said Chris Doughty, Operations Manager. Adding “The advantage I had was the fire was called through to me immediately, so I had a small window of time to get things moving.”

The goal for the contract is to minimise operational impact to schools, while making the site safe. The challenge meant that Chris was tasked with clearing one space and simultaneously organizing another space for the students to learn on Tuesday.

Chris was able to organise the transfer of furniture and lockers from nearby schools for learning spaces when the students returned to school the following Tuesday. “Chris’ quick response and coordination of work helped the Department and the school with the immediate impact. This made for an easy and efficient transition to alternative teaching arrangements.”


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