Green Hat Program

Programmed’s Industrial Maintenance division has joined forces with Max Employment to deliver and fulfil sustainable Trades Assistant roles in Western Australia’s Kalgoorlie region. Known as the Green Hat Initiative, the program aims to provide a safe and supportive work environment that acts as a safe hands entry point into the West Australian mining industry.

Focused on Indigenous job seekers and long term unemployed personnel, the initiative seeks to fuse the importance of meaningful long term employment with the provision of skilled and competent trades assistants on customer sites that do not compromise safety or quality of delivery.

Job seekers receive:

  • Safe entry to employment into the mining industry
  • Exclusive opportunity that isn’t widely available
  • Certification and on-the-job training in an environment that gives them experience, confidence and sought after skills in utilising equipment that is unique to this industry

The program has helped job seekers whose livelihoods have been impacted by Covid-19 and unprecedented border closures and restrictions. It has also supported our customer’s ongoing operations so their business and the industry can continue to operate with appropriate skilled labour, regardless of Covid-19 impacts.

Our customers have seen benefit through:

  • Having competent, safe working Trades Assistants on their site that stay for the long term
  • Confidence that Programmed’s “Green Hats” know what their tools are, how to use them, and how to operate safely
  • Leveraging personnel who can adequately assist a tradesman, making execution more efficient

At its core, Programmed’s Green Hat initiative seeks to unify Indigenous communities, long term unemployed personnel and customers who prioritise safe work practices through an inclusive and equitable approach to employment for all. Our Kalgoorlie team welcome all applicants that contribute to a more diverse and gender-balanced workforce through quarterly intakes through Max Employment.

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