How many kinds of assets does a Local Council or Government Authority have?

The portfolio of assets that attract families and businesses to your Local Council or Government Authority (LGA) region can be vast and varied. Ranging from playgrounds and parks, to libraries, aquatic centres, offices and heritage-listed town halls with specific caveats, it’s important to keep these looking stellar.

Most people who move to a new house move relatively close to their former address, with 60% moving only 0-9 kilometres from their former residence.  Reinforce those choices with striking assets and facilities that look great and are well-maintained in a region where families and businesses are proud to reside in.

The broad portfolio of LGA assets require a range of specialist skills able to maintain them all. Download our brochure and see how Programmed can help you keep your assets safe, accessible and always well-presented. It’s easier than you think.

See some of the varied assets we’ve helped maintain below.

Programmed’s suite of maintenance expertise enables us to tailor a service to suit your needs. Find out in more detail how here in our brochure.


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