Key Considerations for Commercial Painting in Coastal Regions

Australia and New Zealand have some of the most unforgiving and unpredictable weather in the world, where blistering sun can be replaced by severe storms in the blink of an eye. Add to this the fact that the majority of the population resides on the coast, which can greatly accelerate building degradation. These factors create unique challenges for those involved in the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of our built environment.

protective coatings

Painting on the coast

There is no exterior paint that will last forever. While some standard paints will guarantee 10, 15, 20 years or even a lifetime warranty on finishes, the reality is keeping a building up to standard requires ongoing maintenance painting. This is especially important for commercial and multi-residential buildings where the exterior appearance of the building will provide the first impression to potential buyers, tenants and clients.

Using standard paint finishes in locations with harsh conditions such as coastal areas make it difficult to maintain a consistent, high quality appearance as the increased exposure to salty coastal spray results in an accelerated deterioration of the paint finish. Beyond the aesthetic concerns, exposure to sea spray can result in damage and corrosion to the steel elements of a building, leading to a potential compromise in structural integrity.

To combat this, protective coatings are an essential element of a long term and sustainable painting solution for coastal environments.

Protective coatings help to provide longer protection to buildings in coastal areas, to help extend building design life and reduce the impact on the environment, lessen ongoing costs, and minimise disturbance to building staff and residents.

Specifying and sourcing the right protective coatings for the unique requirements of different buildings can be difficult, and employing the expertise of professionals is recommended.

Programmed Property Services has over 60 years’ experience in providing commercial painting and property services in Australia and New Zealand. Property provide the knowledge and expertise to provide a tailored painting and maintenance program for your needs.

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