Modular Signage Systems for Wineries

Strong signage is a savvy sommelier’s strategic asset. It gives a winery a clear voice, conveying succinctly what the winery’s brand, and by association its vintage, stands for. For wineries seeking stylish signage, modular signage systems such as eCORE, are a cru classe solution for the consistency, flexibility and cost-efficiency they offer.

Modular signage systems that include the eCORE product are ideally suited to the often sprawling sites of wineries which may, as time passes, feature new buildings or changing layouts.

They fulfil all the requirements of custom-designed signage such as style, design and individualism but without the bespoke price tag as they leverage the convenience of a standard product family grid.

This cost-effectiveness makes it possible for wineries to have signage that is as unique as their wines but provide the flexibility for signage that is able to be expanded and extended in tandem with the winery’s physical site and facility changes.

Signage remains stylish and consistent, harmonising the entire site.

Even when wineries experience growth, uniformity can be retained. This includes the addition of new buildings for manufacturing; new revenue streams from luxurious getaway accommodation and lifestyle facilities such as spas built with beautiful vineyards as backdrops; or the acquisition of additional estates.

Each can have signage in keeping with the suite.

If old spaces are refurbished for a new purpose, these too can easily have their names changed without entire signs needing to be decommissioned. Messaging on these modular panels can be easily updated to keep pace with the changes and retain proper navigation across the winery.

Further functionality afforded by modular systems include the myriad applications of the panels and combination possibilities in terms of signage types. From single or double-sided free-standing signage in portrait or landscape layout to cantilevered, suspended and wall-mounted signage, flexibility and opportunity abound. Each suite as sophisticated as the brand and as refined as its product, yet as consistent as the quality of the wine produced.

Modular signage systems make stylish signage simple for wineries. Speak to Programmed and find out how you can make it work for you.


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