Moses’ parental leave journey

In early July, Moses Khoury became the first Programmed Health Professionals (PHP) dad to take advantage of Programmed’s 12 week parental leave policy*.

From the moment he mentioned the offer to wife Marie, they both saw it as a wonderful opportunity for Moses to bond with their daughter Everly, and to help Marie transition back into her role, knowing that Moses would be looking after their little girl. Here’s Moses’ account of his experience so far:

“In the week leading up to the start of my parental leave, I started to question, how will my absence from work effect the team? Will I feel disconnected from work once my leave commences?

However, with a strong team and a supportive manager, we worked together to ensure that the workload was shared amongst the NSW Team. I stayed connected with them and helped where I could during my leave.

Now that I’ve started my leave, here is a glimpse of what an average day looks like:

With Everly waking up between 6-6:30am, I start the day with her first bottle feed and I prepare a small breakfast for her. Once breakfast is finished, I give Everly some floor time and we play with a range of toys and games. This usually tires her out and it’s time for her morning nap. I take this opportunity to clean up around the house and get some of the chores done before Everly is up again.

Once awake, Everly has another bottle followed by some lunch. We then go out for a walk to the park for a bit of time on the swing, followed by supermarket to pick up some groceries for dinner. After this, we head home for Everly’s final bottle feed before Marie comes home from work.

Moses and Everly

After spending some time with her mum, Everly has dinner and a bath. Marie usually completes the bedtime routine of book, teeth, and another bottle before bedtime.”

*Parental leave is available to all eligible permanent employees, as defined by our Parental Leave Policy.


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