Owen Harris goes above and beyond

Owen Harris works as a forklift operator with one of our FMCG customers in Victoria.

Recently he noticed that there was no documentation about how to use Radio Frequency (RF) scanners on site. An RF scanner is a handheld device that uses a wireless network to communicate with a warehouse management system to manage information, like stock coming in and going out. It is an important piece of equipment.

So, Owen took the initiative to create a training manual to help support new operators himself.

“It had been on my mind for a while,” he says.

“When I started, there was no official information on the RF scanners and I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a guideline to help others learn or at least cover off the basics”.

Writing the manual took Owen a couple of weeks.

“I would take notes from my manager at the time about the RF scanners and use that to help fill the content. I wanted to get pictures too, as I am a visual person and it helps when I am learning. I spent a couple of hours each night going through it – until I believed it was good.”

Owen wrote the manual with new operators in mind, including step by step information about how to complete standard tasks – for example shipping, staging, transferring and consolidating loads – with screenshots of systems for reference. Once completed, he presented it to our team for review and potential implementation.

Owen’s manual is now being included in our next set of training materials to be rolled out across all of our customer’s sites.

Account Manager Steffi Pereira says “the work Owen has put into this material has been a great resource to our newer route/dock team members, and has also supported upskilling of existing team members who have not had to utilise these functions previously.”

In addition to creating this material, Owen has also taken on rolling out training to new team members when they start, using his manual.

Great work Owen!


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