Pitch Perfect at Emmanuel Catholic College

They say schools are the best place to plant the seeds of creativity.

Emmanuel Catholic College in Success, WA certainly did this. When celebrating their 20th anniversary, the school gathered their students for an aerial shot of them standing together in their school colours to form their specially created ‘ECC 20’ celebration logo.

Pitchperfect-body imageFor a little design magic, the school approached Programmed to help them outline this on their oval. With Programmed’s GPS-enabled line-marking service, the very same we utilise when painting the Fremantle Football Club’s ovals for matches, able to precisely replicate the logo on a large scale, we proceeded to paint this on Emmanuel Catholic College’s oval for the shoot.

Programmed also prepped the field to look its best, timing our mow and fertilise routine to be carried out a few days prior to the shoot to enhance the lushness of the final image with fresh mow lines and a deep green colour.


Emmanuel Catholic College’s Business Manager, Sonja Matthes, stated:

“Thanks to Programmed Property Services for their professionalism in assisting us with the line marking for our photography to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. This was no small feat, with great time and care taken to recreate our College 20th Anniversary logo.  With over 1200 participants to coordinate within these lines, it was integral that these were accurate. I would highly recommend them for their great service and attention to detail.”

It was a wonderful way to contribute to the College which has engaged Programmed on a mowing and renovating turf contract for over six years, and to be part of Emmanuel College’s celebrations.



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