Safety Wise, SiteWise – Programmed Property NZ is in the Green

When it comes to Safety At Programmed, we look to go beyond the minimum and never settle with just compliance.

Alongside compulsory government authorities for safety (like Work Safe in Australia and New Zealand) we’re proud to partner with multiple independently managed health and safety prequalification systems such as SiteWise and IMPAC (NZ).

Programmed Property NZ are a member of Site Safe, which is a Construction Industry Organisation creating a positive change in the health & safety culture by providing education and resources on best practice systems.  SiteWise is one of the prequalification processes that Site Safe administer. 

This ensures we keep up to date with the best practice systems and behaviours known to improve on-site health and safety.

This year, we are proud to have earned a Green 100% from SiteWise NZ and to achieve 5 Stars on our IMPAC PreQual Assessment!

Backed by SiteSafe NZ, SiteWise, is a prequalification system that grades a contractor’s health and safety capability for New Zealand contractors. Similarly, IMPAC measures a contractor’s commitment to health and safety as part of the prequalification process.

In a nutshell, this means:

  • Our health and safety policies, practices and procedures have been independently assessed.
  • Our insurances have been verified and we’re committed to keeping them current.
  • we recognise the value and importance of contractor pre-qualification in cooperation with clients and other contractors.
  • We meet the requirements of our clients who require us to have completed a prequalification assessment.
  • We take the health and safety of our people seriously.
  • We are committed to doing the right thing.

Anyone who knows Programmed, knows, that “Zero Harm” is the cornerstone in Programmed’s safety philosophy. To embody our “ZeroHarm” philosophy our teams are always working to our safest possible standard.  

All contractors who sign up to the SiteWise system complete an annual health and safety assessment with the goal of achieving SiteWise Green.

Which is why we wear our SiteWise Green Badge and IMPAC Five Stars with pride, in recognition of our field and management staff’s commitment to working safely daily.

A green grading in SiteWise means a contractor has achieved a grade of 75% or above on SiteWise’s annual assessment. Only 4% of the 6500 contractors on SiteWise achieve a score of 100% – and one of them is Programmed Property NZ!

Because being a leader in safety, is about more than just looking good. It’s about ensuring our employees and customers return home in the same state they arrived – injury free.

Our promise is to never compromise the costs of safety, quality, risk or the environment in order to secure a project. Our teams will continue to strive for a 100% Green Grade in Safety annually and keep being among the best practice companies for safety.

Luckily, Green is Programmed’s colour.


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