Staying Safe During the Silly Season

With Christmas just around the corner it’s easy to get a little more silly than usual, but it’s important to stay smart when alcohol’s involved.

Monitoring your intake can help you stay safe and healthy, and an easy way to do this is to keep track of how many standard drinks you’re consuming. Doctors suggest that drinking any more than two in a given day can present a risk to your health.

One standard drink is equal to 10g of alcohol, but it’s important to remember that a standard serving size is often greater than this.

There’s a simple formula for calculating how many standard drinks you’re consuming, regardless of the volume of your glass.

Volume in litres X percentage of alcohol volume X 0.789

As a shortcut, you can also use the below figures as a rough guide.

Full Strength Beer (4.8%)
285mL glass = 1.15 standard drinks
375ml bottle = 1.4 standard drinksRed or white wine (11-13%)
100mL=1 standard drink
150 mL (standard serve) = 1.5 standard drinksSpirits (40%)
30mL = 1 standard drink
Low Strength Beer (2.7%)
285mL glass = 0.6 standard drinks
375ml bottle = 0.8 standard drinksPort (20%)
60mL standard serve = 1 standard drinkPre-mixed Spirits (5%)
250mL can = 1 standard drink

In both Australia and New Zealand the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit when driving a motor vehicle is 0.05. That is, 0.05 grams of alcohol per 100mL of blood. For any driver without a full licence, or anyone operating a heavy vehicle, the limit is 0.00.

If you’ve been drinking it’s always safest not to drive.

If you have any concerns about your drinking, or how your alcohol intake may be affecting your health, you should contact your GP.

Our Programmed Health Professionals are skilled, experienced, and ready for any challenge. Contact us today to find out how our team can help yours this silly season.




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