Store Fit Outs: Revolutionising Retail Through In-Store Experiences

Fit outs make all the difference to the in-store experience, and keep customers coming back.

Despite all the hype about online stores replacing physical ones, some important facts tend to be overlooked. When you think of it, are online stores really that different from each other? In most cases, the only point setting them apart is price. In comparison, a bricks and mortar retailer based on a similar strategy wouldn’t be much of a business. Rather, it must rely on its store environment and the associated elements within to distinguish itself from its competitors.

While for many customers the website is still the first online point of contact with the brand, in-store physical encounters still account for 94% of all sales. For some retailers (particularly those involving some form of service), bricks and mortar stores will almost always exist due to the unique nature of the service offered. A pure online offering is not suitable.

Having said that, retailers of all types will benefit from a clever brick and mortar strategy. This includes combining choice real estate locations with precisely detailed interior fit outs designed to convey a brand’s unique essence. An environment where customers encounter, and discover, the brand. Evocative in-store encounters that, through their unforgettable experiences, build emotional connections which in turn engender loyalty, and ultimately fuel sales.

Well-designed store fit outs gel with bricks and mortar by focusing on what the customer wants most – be it an experience, a service or a product – and translating this into the built environment. Particularly for business models with online substitutes (e.g. a clothing store), offering the right customer experience in-store ensures you remain competitive.

Ideally, a store’s fit out and layout entices customers to step through the doors, tempts them to browse, creates a desire for more, and subtly directs them to checkouts (and encourage impulse purchases at that point as well!). Hence, store design has a direct impact on whether a sale actually takes place.

Have you ever considered this experience and customer journey in your fit out related decisions? Stay tuned for our next blog in this series for an in-depth look into leveraging in-store fit outs for an unforgettable customer journey!

Do you believe your store can offer a better experience? A few strategic updates can go a long way! Speak to our team of experts who will be sure to offer the best advice.


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