A Street That’s Really ‘Streets Apart’ from the Rest

With Programmed’s help, Villawood’s Armstrong Green Street offers its visitors an experience remarkably different to the average display village.

Watch the video above for a bird’s eye view of this very unique street.

The concept of a ‘green street’ was originally created in Nevada, United States, where a section of a street is temporarily closed off and landscaped.

Inspired by this idea, Villawood employed Programmed to create and maintain Australia’s first ever ‘green street’.

The Armstrong Green Street features 18 cubby houses (commissioned by some of the commercial builders at the development), a traffic school, junior play area with sand pit diggers, willow tunnel, dry creek bed, and so on.

Villawood’s philosophy behind the project was to provide an experience for the whole family. While parents look through the 36 show homes on offer, their children can play safely in the Green Street outside.

The Armstrong Green Street will be at the development for the next two years. After this, Programmed will transform it back to into a normal street. Villawood will also reuse all material and plants where possible, so little will go to waste.


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