How to Survive Your Hay Fever

Hay Fever Season

Spring can be a tough time of year. While sunshine after a long winter is a welcome change for most of us, for 18% of Australians and New Zealanders it brings with it months of hay fever.

Sneezing, itchy eyes and headaches are among a range of symptoms that signify for many of us that spring is here.

There are medications available to alleviate these symptoms, but there’s a number of other things you can do to get you through the warmer months.

1. A pollen monitor can help hay fever sufferers steer clear of places with a high pollen count, and you find these online.

2. Staying indoors during very windy days can also help you avoid allergens.

3. Washing bedding regularly can prevent pollen from sticking to sheets that have come into contact with clothing.

4. Vacuuming helps minimise dust in the house, so it should be done regularly in spring.

5. Our pets are our best friends, but their hair is also a major carrier of pollen spores, so it’s important to wash them regularly.

6. Plants pollenated by insects are best for the garden if you suffer from hay fever.

7. Sunglasses can be an effective barrier between you and airborne pollen.

8. Substances like Vaseline applied just under the nose can act as a barrier to pollen.

9. Apples are a source of quercetin, which acts as a natural antihistamine, and every little bit can help.

10. Similar to changing bedsheets, getting changed out of clothes that have come into contact with pollen will help keep your home allergen free.

If you have serious concerns about your hay fever you can also visit your GP.

Contact our Programmed Health Professionals to find out how our team can help yours during this hay fever season.



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