Aligning Workplace Design and Communication – Series 3

Edition 3: The AV-Integrator Relationship

The relationship between architecture and design firms and their AV Integrator counterparts is vital to the successful execution of a business’ vision

Aligning Workplace Design and Communication – Series 2

Edition 2: AV in Modern Design

In order to make new tenancy spaces functional, audio-visual components and broader workplace technology considerations need to be made from the beginning. The consequences of engaging AV Integrators at the end of a design and fit out usually impact the aesthetics.

Aligning Workplace Design and Communication

Programmed Electrical Technologies is engaged and consultative with our enterprise business customers as they navigate the aftermath of Covid-19, and work to provide a safe and welcoming place for returning employees.

Part of enhancing the employee experience is creating a safe and engaging environment where communication is easy, technology remains agile, configurations are versatile and general aesthetics provide a workplace where people actually want to be.

PET’s big NECA wins!

The annual NECA Excellence Awards are always a calendar highlight for the team at Programmed Electrical Technologies (PET). This year,…

21st Century Office Design – Collaboration and Technology

The workplaces of the 21st century bear little resemblance to those of days gone by. ‘Collaboration’ has gone from buzzword…

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