Why there’s no better time to consider a trades career

With university fees soaring and places capped on certain courses, a trades career is an appealing career choice that has both opportunities and prospects.

Learning a trade not only teaches you hands-on skills, but you also get paid while you learn. These skills are transferable, meaning you can easily find employment around Australia and possibly the world. Now with the push for equality in the workforce, men and women alike can find satisfaction in a trades career.

A gender-balanced trades workforce breaks stereotypes and new grounds.

In industries such as construction, electrical and engineering, however, the rate of women entering these fields has remained the same for over 20 years. To enable workforce equality in these industries – which have more trades-based roles – to be able to rank alongside other industries, active participation is required.

Parents and educators play an important role in broadening mindsets so that all careers in all industries are viewed equally as viable opportunities.

Jobseekers – new or already in the workforce – should ride the diversity and gender balance movement with confidence. These are legitimate reasons – not excuses – for their successful entry into jobs they previously thought closed to them

Skilled workers are needed in record numbers, and where men and women are confident enough to break the mould by working in traditionally gender-based careers that automatically excluded them previously, they will play a part in keeping those sectors relevant.

Social change is a necessary by-product of this attitude and positive action. Economies with greater participation can stay afloat, allowing the next generation to enjoy continued economic success along with broader employment or career avenues.

As each person brings individually useful attributes to their job, the greater the diversity of experience, thought and background; the better the ability to positively impact the business and the stronger the solutions they can deliver.

It has been shown that diverse workplaces have a higher rate of success, and employees feel more inclined to perform at the best.

Women who actively step into a trades career play key roles in seeing working conditions improve and in changing attitudes. They are seen as leaders in workplace equality. Men who do the same with traditionally female-dominated domains achieve similar as well…

The rewards from trades-based jobs are not only monetary; many have used this pathway to start their own business, giving opportunities to young people. Small business and the trades sector are vital to the growth of both Australia and the economy. As the trades industry begins to demonstrate greater balance and more women take up the tools, working conditions are changing for the better. Meaning that there has never been a better time for any one – man or woman – to take up a trade.


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